Thursday, September 24, 2009


Last night while watching TV I caught a local new commercial that was talking about the danger of BLOGS, it cuts to some guys saying " It could be any random person out in the blogosphere, saying whatever they want and causing a lot of damage." Okay the blogosphere? Does the average person who watches the 8 O'clock News know what that means? The news is so terrible why does anyone watch it? I thought the term blogosphere was pretty fun, it made me think of space. I now proclaim myself a Blogonaut, who for the good of the people will explore the dreaded blogosphere. Whatever information I find in that terrible space between our world and THE INTERNETS, known as the Blogosphere, I make my solemn duty to bring forth so that our people may prosper.

A quick Google search says this about blogosphere: The term was coined on September 10, 1999 by Brad L. Graham, as a joke.[1] It was re-coined in 2002 by William Quick,[2] and was quickly adopted and propagated by the warblog community. The term resembles the older word logosphere (from Greek logos meaning word, and sphere, interpreted as world), the "the world of words", the universe of discourse

So there you go, now we all know something more about blogoshpere.

On the real life front I received an email from Carlie. It was pretty tame it said she arrived safe and that her and Karin (her best friend she went to Europe with) were having a good time so far. currently they are in London with plans to go to Whales. So that the girlfriend, exgirlfriend Unknown Status friend update for today.

Work is just inching by this week, it couldn't go slower if time was standing still. Today at work I had almost nothing to do, so I decided to look up old cartoons from the 80's. Most of what turned up were boys cartoons, He-Man, Gi-Joe, Transformers, Mask, and the list goes on. I noticed while doing this search a few cartoons I only vaguely remember, they were aimed more for girls I believe. I am not talking about JEM or Carebears we all know those. These are shows like Shirt Tales, Monchichis, and The Punky Bruster Cartoon. WOW they are just awful, some of the worst things I have ever seen. The theme songs are so bad they are almost good. Something I noticed is that lots of these shows have nonhuman stars or sidekicks, which is pretty odd when you think about it. I leave you with these lovely videos to watch.
4 the Popples